Zagreb, Croatia
1 March 2020


The saints are invited to join the first Lord’s table in Zagreb, Croatia.

Location and Times:

Ulica Ive Robica 2
10 000 Zagreb

The first Lord’s table in Zagreb will begin at 10am on 1 March 2020.

There will also be an introduction meeting at 7pm on 29 February 2020.

Accommodation and Meals:

Below are the hotel room rates for Hotel I:

  • Single room
         47,00 euros per person per night (breakfast included)
  • Double room
          34,00 euros per person per night (breakfast included)
  • Triple room
          31,00 euros per person per night (breakfast included)

Below are the prices for meals:

  • Lunch is 10 euros per person
  • Dinner is 10 euros per person

To secure these rates, please email the hotel manager directly at indicating:

  • the nights that you would like to stay, and/or
  • any additional meals you would like to book, and
  • that you belong to the Christian group that will gather on 1 March. 

Please note: You can book meals without accommodation. Please use the same email address above to make your booking. 


There is a parking lot for cars or vans to park for 3,5 euros a day.

Contact details: